“Collaboration in art is the ultimate test of placing your ego aside in order to work toward a common idea. The image of the ego driven artist may be somewhat stereotypical — but I’d say that there is some truth in suggesting that most artists find it difficult to invite other artists into their process directly. After all, the creation of art is a private affair for the majority of artists I’ve known over the years. Not all are open to the idea of sharing an artistic vision in that manner. Point blank — creating collaboration art is not for everyone. For those who can work jointly — creating collaborative art can be a powerful experience.”
Brian Sherwin

Bichard and Troj are exploring, defining and re-constructing their work as an ongoing collaborative process through photographed partial narratives, fragments of new and former work, psychological allegories and a natural process of exchange before being finalised as paintings. Throughout this process, the works are used as a means of questioning and revealing: the artist’s role in image making, the embedded tropes of gender in art, the nature of gender identity in culture and a reverie in storytelling. The outcomes are an intuitive drifting together of ideas, aesthetics and personal politics.


All works copyright 2015 John Paul Bichard and Iva Troj